The Leading Land Transporter For Hazardous Chemical & Crude Oil In Indonesia


tr1In the B3 transportation services industry, chemical and crude oil, is an activator of the chemical industry. The development of transport services will grow along with the growth of the upstream and downstream of chemical and crude oil industry in Indonesia. The development of the chemical industry in Indonesia is generally intended to strengthen the competitiveness, extending the processing chain in the country and motivating the growth of the industry “cluster”.


 Safety is a basic requirement that must be met by SDMU before any activity. The need for safety has been inherent in each individual company making SDMU Transportation Company B3 with high safety standards.



SDMU operates its own fleet and is also supported and supplemented the Company’s operational support facilities which include:


  • ISOTANK (IMO1, IMO-5, Capacity: 23.000Lt – 25.000Lt)
  • Internal training center to improve driver knowledge and culture of safe driving.
  • Workshop with complete equipment and certified technicians to support the repair and maintenance of the fleet.
  • Cleaning Facility to ensure that no contamination between products transported.
  • Emergency Response to support the rapid evacuation of the emergency response in case of an accident on the road.

Thus, the Company is a pioneer in the transportation of B3, with a high Entry Barriers will still be able to provide timely service to the state of the whole product, return in a timely way so as to provide a sense of comfort for the customers