Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE)

tr1Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) is the main priority of the Company and its subsidiaries in daily operations.


The Company as a service provider has been challenged to render the best services. This challenge can be coped with the support of employees who are highly competent, skilful in compliance with global standards. To enhance the quality of its human resources, the company has consistently delivered a full range of training programs both technical and non- technical for all employees.

As for technical training program, the Company cooperates with professional and certified trainers respective of their fields including:- Education and training for drivers, co-drivers in operating vehicles carrying dangerous goods and toxic materials;


-Education and training for driver in operating vehicles carrying dangerous and toxic materials;
-Training on accupational accident management and safety on roads;
-Dangerous Goods and Toxic Materials Handling;
-Education and training for mechanics


Training Program 2014

1. Training General Safety Requirement (Employees + New Drivers for Oil & Gas BWP Meruap), 1-2 March 2014
2. Training DDC crew Driver + Staff SDMU Jambi, 5-6 March 2014
3. Training Chemical Risk Assessment Method, 26-27 November 2014
4. Worshop System Management on General Vehicle Safety, 28 August 2014
5. Refresh Training by PT. Evonik (Product Handling and MSDS H2O2), 18 April 2014
6. Training PT. RHI Crew Driver & Helper,24 June 2014
7. Refresh Training on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and DG Product Symbols, 1 July 2014
8. Refresh Training on Basic First Aids (Occupational Healty and Safety) for Employees and Drivers, 31 august 2014
9. Training Fire Fighting for Driver & Co Driver, 14 Sepptember 2014
10. Refresh Training House Keeping crew Driver (5R), 14 September 2014
11. Refresh Training House Keeping (5R) for Employees, 12 October 2014
12. Refresh Training Procedure Cleaning Tank, 8 November 2014