To Be In Line With Costumers Logistic Target


tr2Chemicals are a principal component in any industry to be used for production either as raw material or ingredient. We have been familiarized with the chemicals and hazardous and toxic materials (B3) for industrial activity. Petrochemical is one of the ten core industry groups, where products are olefins (ethylene, propylene and other products such as Py-gas and C4 mixture) is the base material for extensive production of a wide range of consumer products and industrial


To support the activities of our operations, the company has several subsidiaries engaged in logistical services:



    • PT. Sidomulyo Logistik engages in the field of customs clearance and services to support the Company in handling the export and import of chemicals
    • PT. Green Asia Tankliner is an Isotank rental service provider that supports the company’s transportation operations
    • PT. Tank Station Indonesia is a Joint Venture with Chemstation Asia engaging in the washing and repair of Isotanks using the first fully automated machine in Indonesia. The target markets of this company are the Isotank providers that rent out Isotank in Indonesia. This company operates in Marunda, Jakarta, West Java.
    • PT. Central Resik Banten is a similar company to PT Tank Station Indonesia which will operate in Cilegon Banten, West Java.