Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Csr Program 2014As expressed in its commitment, the company also implements Coroporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PROGRAM. This program covers education field, economic value generation and humanity solidarity. CSR program is means for the company to participate in supporting the Goverment program and to nature good relation with local communities and bring about benefits and education for the next generation.





CSR program that have been educated in 2014 include in education, economic and social fields as, inter alia presented below:


1. Donation for the residents of Kp. Karang Tengah conisting of THR bonus for the eldery and windowers, orphans and neighbours.

2. Scholarship for 30 students of Elementaey school

3. THR bonus for the residents of Kp. Karang Tengah, Ds. Kedaleman – Cilegon ( orphan, the elderly & the poor): 31 July 2014

4. Donation of for scrifice during the obsevance of Ied-Dhul Adha day to Kp. Karang Tengah, Ds.Kedaleman- Cilegon; 11 October 2014

5. Scolarship for 30 students of elemntary schools per month in Kp. Karang Tengah, Ds. Kedaleman Cilegon