Audit Committee


Audit Committee is tasked to assist Board of Commissioners in ascertaining that the management of the Company can be run in effective and efficient way and supported with sound and independent supervisory system, and to give recommendations to Board of Commissioners in respect of reports submitted by Board of Directors and to perform other tasks as follows:

  1. Review Financial Statements in terms of credibility and objectivity.
  2. Review the compliance to the regulations on Capital Markets and other laws and regulations relevant to business activities of the Company.
  3. Review audit conducted by Internal Auditor.
  4. Submit report to Board of Commissioners concerning risks to be faced by the Company and the implementation of risk Management conducted by Board of Directors. t
  5. Keep documents, data and information of the Company confidential.

In 2023, Audit Committee has evaluated the financial performance and submit audit finding report and recommendations to Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners for performance improvement of the Company.

The composition of Audit Committee for period 2023-2025 is shown below:

Hartono Gani         : Chairman

Herman Belani      : Member

Farid                        : Member

Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit of the Company is to assist in managing the Company. As an internal body that will work independently, this Internal Audit Unit is tasked to audit, assess, evaluate and give recommendations with regard to the operation and management of business units and internal control system. It is a partner of Board of Commissioners in ensuring effective and transparent Company management.